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In another closed configuration, a tubular housing having a closed end and an open end is adapted to receive and seal to Greentelftth Fiber Closure assembly. The cable terminal assembly includes a cable entry device through which the routing is selected for the cable to be engaged. A support member extends from the cable entry device and has a free end disposed adjacent the closed end of the housing. The support includes a support for supporting a fiber splice joint and a set of fiber optic splice trays.

The overall structure of the optical fiber distribution box features: Greentelftth fiber welding wiring, scheduling all the positive operation, the rack can be back to back or wall installation, saving space. Modular design, large capacity, high density, easy expansion. The cable can be inserted from the top or bottom into the rack for both ribbon and non-ribbon cables. Fully enclosed structure, jump fiber is not exposed, beautiful appearance, dust effect is good.

It is suitable for SC, FC, dual LC, ST and other adapters, the adapter installed tilted in the front of the chassis 30 °, to avoid direct sunlight into the eye, while easy to track. Ribbon cable to provide special open stripping protection joints, so that the protection of bare fiber, cable fixed, grounding more perfect and reliable. Can be installed optical splitter, attenuator and other value-added modules, operation, easy maintenance and reliable. Also equipped with fiber optic welding for the operation of the table and a variety of accessories, so that the operation, easy maintenance and reliable.

The seller is driving the boundaries of network performance. Lifestyle is becoming more and more digital - always online, everywhere. Service providers deploy this to the network by deploying more fiber to the client or home (FTTP / FTTH) to handle this growing demand.

But how to expand the broadband network? Can improve deployment speed, reduce overall costs, maintain quality and performance. As we all know, FTTH junction box is an indispensable part of FTTH construction. The product is widely used in the field of FTTH. Usually FTTH box can be used indoors, dustproof, waterproof. Here will introduce the Sopto FTTH box, FTB-106C.

The FTB-106C is an upgraded version of the FTB-104C, which is lightweight and compact, especially for Greentelftth fiber optic cables and braid protection connections in FTTH. Widely used in residential buildings and villas terminal, trim and splicing braids; can be installed on the wall; can adapt to a variety of optical connection; can effectively manage fiber. It can be used for PLC splitter. FTB-106C junction box is usually used in FTTH network or CATV system, FTB-106C has six Simplex SC adapter slot, can be installed in six dual-phase LC adapter, anti-ultraviolet, anti-ultraviolet and rain. You can connect an FTTH drop cable. Fiber Closure: